The Legend of King Arthur: Artstation Challenge

PaulCarstens_King Arthur Artstation Challenge

Paul carstens 01
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Paul carstens 10
Paul carstens 10
Paul carstens 11

Detail Lighting

Paul carstens 12
Paul carstens 13

Detail Lighting

Paul carstens 14

"Modular" rock kit, basically 2 texture atlases. One for the generic rocks and one for the standing stones.

Paul carstens 15

Fun had with Speedtree, I used a slightly dodgy "photo scan" technique for the leaves. Pine and Oak.

Paul carstens 16
Paul carstens 17

The lillypad textures were a freebee texture from

Paul carstens 19
Paul carstens 20
Paul carstens 18
Paul carstens perch ani

Seeing as this was meant to be an environment for a game I wanted to have the fish actually swim about. A simple motion path and looping animation was good enough for me.

Paul carstens boat ani

A simple animation loop for the boat to give the scene a bit of life.
My submission to the King Arthur Artstation Challenge: This one was fun, learnt a bunch, wanted to focus on my organics (foliage, rocks, etc.) Also had the oppertunity to do a bunch of fairly complex shader work plus a little bit of animation in UE4.

Thanks to Kate Molodtsova: for her awesome concept. I got the idea into my head to do a more Celtic themed Arthurian Legend, luckily there was a mythical creature in Celtic mythology called a Kelpie. Kelpies were water spirits that would drown their victims, so I decided to use the Kelpie as the base for the "Lady of the Lake". The idea being that she would drown the unworthy seeking to posses Excalibur.

Anyway, hope you guys like it and thanks to the community for all the feedback.