Feudal Japan: Artstation Challenge


Architecture trim sheet

Architecture trim sheet

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Honorable mention awarded:
My entry to the latest Artstation Challenge: Feudal Japan, The Shogunate. https://www.artstation.com/contests/feudal-japan/challenges/51/submissions/33078

Original concept by the awesome IGOR KIRDEIKA

My idea was to use the 3 distinct weapon types in the concept to base the 3 armours off of, finding clans that were historically skilled at each of them. We have the Otomo, users of black powder, more heavily armoured and with more of a focus on metal and technology. The Chosokabe, skilled with the bow and using lighter scaled plate and cloth. Finally the Oda, here I had an issue. Originally I was going to use the Shimazu clan as they were known for their katana use but I found their clan crest was a bit distracting so I opted for the Oda clan. The Oda were strong and a bit of an all-rounder clan with a focus on tactics so I thought they would suit the central General's position.